Inside the inspiration

g'pa bag_wine and fabric (5)My latest design is a bag that I designed for myself.  My grandpa gave me this material which he had left over from when he recovered the seat of a chair.  I knew I wanted to design a style around it right away and got to work. carpet bag construction


I happened to have this burgundy leather that matched the color and really made the design of the material pop.  I adapted a design element from another bag  with an accent leather bottom piece that comes up along the sides to add stability to the slouchy material.  I made one for myself quickly and then showed him on the next trip home.  The twinkle in his eye and smile when he saw that bag was more than I could have ever asked for in return.

I find my inspiration through a lot of different ways.  Frequently through architecture and other strong clothing designs.  This time however it came from the heart.  It will be a bag I cherish for a lifetime, as it will always remind me of my grandpa.

g'pa bag_wine and fabric (1)g'pa bag_wine and fabric (4)

Currently available in Burgundy Leather at my Etsy Shop. 

g'pa bag_wine (14)g'pa bag_wine (1)


One thought on “Inside the inspiration

  1. sara that material and bags are gorgeous!!! You inspire me and I’m blessed to know you. My owl purse is my one and only FOREVER purse. I constantly get complements on it but the truth is I wouldn’t care if another soul liked it.

    Blessings and miss you!!!


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